Network Solutions

  • Network Cabling
  • CCTV Cabling
  • Wi Fi Networking
  • Power Cabling
  • Cable Managing
  • Domain Registration
  • long range networking

We can understand your needs and provide an exact network solution for your organization. We are there to help you connect the island-wide branches into a single network. A wifi network with a QoS facility can manage your day-to-day data usage.

Most companies are spending so much money trying to control their internet usage, but are unable to control it. Team Upades can give a simple solution to this matter. Without spending on high-cost equipment, you can manage the data usage in your organization.

There are many types of network cables available on the market. We must select the correct cable type for the network. For small distances (within a 5 meter radius), CAT 5 is enough. Network switch selection is also very important.